Easy Voice Mail

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Easy Voice Mail is an open source Wordpress plugin.

Easy Voice Mail Provides your customers with an easier and more efficient way to contact you and express their needs by voice mail. This plugin provides an easy way for your customers to contact you by sending you a voicemail message, all they will have to do is click the record button and record the message when they are done.

- The plugin provides a clean and comfortable user interface for reviewing and managing voicemail messages. - The plugin provides a control panel that allows you to limit the message duration and define a custom message for users, displayed in the customers side. - The plugin will activate (request for permission to use) microphone only during recording. - Easy to set up and adjust, 2 steps only, no registration, registration or third party services are required. - We care about privacy, all messages are stored in the website, the plugin does not use third parties for storage or library which can track you or your customers. - Works on most current mobile and desktop web browsers.

Important: Due to security limitations, the web browser will not allow the use of the microphone in non-https connection, which means that the plugin will only work on sites where the https connection is enabled.

Discover and try Easy Voice Mail for free on Wordpress and do not hesitate to give us a feedback on your impressions of the plugin.

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