What type of website should you choose for your business?

Having a website is essential to mark your presence on the web, to represent your services and the identity of your business.

However, choosing the right type of website for your business can be frustrating and leaves you confused about the right choice and strategy for the site that will represent you.

To help clear things up, we'll walk you through making the right choice for your site.

Here are the different types of business websites:

• A showcase website

• An e-commerce website

• A tailor-made website

The showcase website

The showcase site helps you showcase your brand image on the internet. It is a "business card" which allows Internet users to have basic information related to your activity, your products and / or your services.

The e-commerce website

This is a commercial site that allows you to sell your products directly to Internet users. It has the advantage of offering payment directly online. If you wish to opt for this option, it is highly recommended to call on a professional who will take charge of the realization of your online store.

The tailor-made website

A tailor-made site and quite simply as its name suggests, a site that will identify all your needs in the event that these needs cannot be perfectly integrated into a given type of website.

What are the steps to follow to make the right choice?

1. To make the right choice, it is essential to define your needs before starting to design your website.

2. Choose the right type of website:

- If you want to have a simple presence on the web, a showcase site will suffice.

- If you want to sell products / services online, it is better to create an e-commerce site.

- If your needs are beyond its contexts, a tailor-made site is the right choice for you to identify your needs.

If you need a consultation, a quote or an orientation, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of experts will guide you in choosing the right strategy for the realization of your website and will deliver a product of quality.

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